Annual Gladys Ricart & Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk / Brides' March

If you or someone you know has been affected by family violence or if you denounce this antisocial criminal behavior, we invite you to join the Brides’ March at the Annual Gladys Ricart and Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk on .

For the background on the Bride’s March and the Annual Gladys Ricart and Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk, please visit the History, Mission and Goals page.

Because the white wedding dress has become the profound symbol of the March, we encourage all women to wear one. But if you cannot, or do not want to march in a wedding dress, please wear All white. If you want to march in a wedding dress but don’t have one, please visit the Wedding Dress page for information on how to obtain one.

The Brides’ March calls on men who denounce domestic violence to join forces in publicly denouncing and raising awareness of this antisocial criminal behavior. Men please dress in ALL black to represent mourning for the many that have lost their lives to this crime.

Everyone is welcomed to bring to the March any size picture of the person(s) whose life you want to honor. At the start of the March these pictures are displayed at the podium to memorialize those we are remembering during the March. Marchers also carry the pictures throughout the walk, and at the Closing Ceremony the pictures are also displayed to pay respect for those lives taken as a result of intimate and gender-based violence.

On , join the Brides’ March in remembering Gladys Ricart and the countless other victims, and together let's raise awareness of the horrors of this antisocial criminal behavior that in one-way or another affects us all.

To get a count of the number of people expected to attend, please register at the Registration page, and please be sure to review the Disclosure page for important information about participating in the Memorial Walk.

Get involved by organizing a group of your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers etc. to attend with you, and by spreading the word about the event through your social media outlets. Please use #BridesMarch. For additional information contact Grace Pérez, Brides' March Coordinator, at

Please know the Brides’ March is not a direct service provider. If you or someone you know is in danger call 911. Visit our Contact Page for information on domestic violence hotlines and programs providing direct services.

Tenga en cuenta que la Marcha de las novias no es un proveedor de servicios directo. Si usted o alguien que conoce está en peligro, llame al 911. Visite Contact Page para obtener información sobre líneas directas y programas en contra de la violencia familiar.